Parsec is an association among psychoterapeutists whose aim is to study the phenomenon of the Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.
The peculiarity of the Group’s work are visible in the Protocol.
In a synthesis, the therapeutists choose to use the scientific knowledge that is the base of their work, with the rules prescribe from the professional deontology, that is using an admitted and rigorous approach to allow a serious study about the phenomenon. The study can not be based on the subjects’ testimony, that is respectable but that can not be recognized as the only diagnostic value in the psychiatric field. The study must be based on the subjects’ and their psychic mechanisms’ acquaintance that can be obtained with a dynamic and continuative relation, in aim to explore possible psychopathologic mechanisms and to isolate the elements of the phenomenon CE4K that are not surely linked with pathology.

Due to the attention that has been widely directed, in a negative meaning, to the therapeutists that lead their research on presuppositions that are different from these (1), the Italian therapeutists who are interested in the phenomenon wish avoid the purely phenomenologic approach in order to permit the entrance, in this research, of psychologic matter that can be understood by the psychoterapeutists that don’t specifically work with these cases too, in aim to permit to every professional who has an interest in the matter and who has an acknowledged professional training to be able to look over matters about the cases that are unexceptionable from the point of view of the research, of the deontology, of the therapeutic habits which are strenghten with a sound clinic practice.

(1) Margaret Thaler Singer and Janja Lalich – “Crazy” Therapies – Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1996

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