There are different questionnaires that can be posed to the attention of people who think to be in contact with non-ordinary forces. The one we refer here is formed by more than 200 questions: it is the one that is definitively examined by the F.I.R.S.T., the researchear association that dr. d’Ambrosio share too. People can use the questionnaire only after the beginning of a specific personal work. Anyway, due to the very high number of visits on this page of the site, we decided to vehicle some of the questions that can provide a reflection opportunity and a way for a contact between the readers and the editorial staff too. You can send your answers to our mail box.

We guarantee a full discretion about your contact and contents

1 – Describe your childhood, especially any unusual experiences or unusual events.

2 – Describe any unusual abilities you may have had in your childhood. Do you still have those abilities?

3 – Do you have back or cervical strain, pain or problems? If yes, describe the location as closely as you can. Was it related to a known injury?

4 – Do you have or have you ever had any cuts, scars, skin markings, bumps, cysts, lumps, or rashes, needle hole marks of unexplained origin? If yes, please describe the marking and the site. Do you have a photo of this? When was it first noticed?

5 – Do you have any special fears about medical procedures, doctors or dentist’s office? If yes, please describe.

6 – Do you have alteredlevels of potassium or sodium not directly related to a current illness? If yes, how are they altered? High Low

7 – Do you suffer from any level of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

8 – Do you have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome? If yes, what is related to?

9 – Describe any phobias you have such as large insects, reptiles, lights, doctors, heights, elevators, escalators, bridges, certain stretches road, dwarves, short people, little people, others. Have you ever been treated for any of these?

10- Are you compelled to go certain places at certain times? If yes, why? Can you remember when it happened the first time?

11- Do you feel special or different (please be truthful). If yes, please describe.

12- Do you have ever acquired scientific, medical, mathematical, physical or other knowledge that you did not study for? If yes, which?

13- What is your religious preference (if any)?

14- Do you ever dream of flying?

15- Do you have certain smells in dreams?

16- Do you have ever had an Out of the Body Experience? If yes, please describe.

17- Do you have ever woken up paralyzed? If yes, do you know what sleep paralysis is? Was your paralysis different? If yes, please explain how it was different.

18- Do you have ever seen a UFO? If yes, when was that?

19- Do you have ever experienced missing times? If yes, please explain the situation.

20- Do you have any thoughts and reflections about aliens? What do you believe: are they here to help us? Are they here to hunt us? Are they here but ignoring us? Are they benevolent? Are they malevolent? Any other feelings?

21- If you met them, how do you communicate with them? Hear Feel Know Sense

22- Do you have undergone a physical/medical examination by the alien? If yes, was it aboard a craft or somewhere else?

23- Please describe examinations – what happened, how long, any instruments you can remember – draw if possible.

24- Do you think that any of the dreams you have are strange? Can you tell any? Why do you think they are strange?

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