Giulia d'AmbrosioI was born on November 6th, 1956 in Milan, Italy, where I still live.

I received a degree in Medicine at the University of Studies in Milan in 1986, presenting a sperimental thesis, developed over a period of six years in the field of Clinic Neurophysiology. Two pubblications derived from the thesis. They appeared on the most important scientific magazines in the field (Electroenceph. cl. Neurophys., 1988; 71:357-366 and Early Human Dev., 1991; 27:145-156). I learnt how to work in scientific research field with precision and how to write scientific publications in peer review.
I have continued my education through the attendance at specialized training in areas of my practice. I graduated from the Specialistic School of Neuropsychiatry for Infancy of the University of Milan and I have been in practice as a psychoterapist since 1988. I have always been more interested in human being nature than in other knowledge fields.

I began to learn psychotherapy techniques in 1986 inside the Neuropsychiatry for Infancy Institute in Milan. Since that time I learnt:
- the use of the classic Freudian and Kleinian psychoanalitic trend;
- the studies about the child’s early bonds, harmonizing the psychodynamic theories elaborated by the Infant Observation Technique, Daniel Stern’s transpersonal psychology theories and John Bowlby’s more
ethologic and observative approach about attachment;
- the analitic work supervision techniques and the strategies to harmonize the group dynamics during the presentation of a therapeutic work (I was as a consultant for a group who worked with children suffering from neuropsychiatrist pathology. They worked with cognitivist techniques. After that, I began to work in a daily centre for education and therapy for young people with psychiatric pathology. I have been their supervisor of the educational-therapeutic team for ten years);
- the professional use and the managing of the “Infant Observation”, a technique that was developped at Tavistock Clinic in London;
- the taking up of clinical cases;
- the “role-playing” method, attending the course for “Simulation of the First Colloquy” at Morpurgo’s
“Critical Psychoterapy” group;
- the work in the field of children’s ill-treatment and abuse (I attended a training course as operator for a Line for Children). I was a consultant as a co-ordinator for an information work about education and listening to the children instances and for the creation of a childhood culture.

I began to be interested and to study Junghian analytic psychology in 1990 with a teacher of the Zuruch Junghian Institut. I intensely studied the literature and the peculiar themes that Jung developped, and the different technical way to work in psychoterapy with adults and children, paying particular attention to the theme of “Self”, studying over (and experimenting them through my personal analysis) all Jung’s alchemistic studies and the archetypes ones.
In the last years I have made more stable this professional side attending monthly some seminars about symbology and archetypes in the dreams. These seminars are conducted by Dieter Baumann, a Jung’s direct grandson. Besides, I have also attended dr. Adrana Mazzarella’s seminars about Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and her interpretation of this literary work for its anagogic value, and a reflection seminar about Bhagavad Gita.

I’m working with GAJAP (Group Analythical Association for Research on Jungian Psychology and Psychodrama), that is an association whose aim is to encourage contacts, exchanges, meetings to deepen arguments among junghian analysts who use individual psychoterapeutic work together with the group one, in a national and international milieu. GAJAP targets are study, research and training about the Analytical Psychology fundamental objects seen with a group point of view, making easy a national and international exchange network, keeping high standard lelevels for training, professional intervenctions and ethic behaviour.

It was important for me to be qualified in other methods that deal with the therapeutic relationship: I like having different tools to work and I think that normally there is the risk to fossilize the psychotherapeutic process. So I learnt the use of some techniques of bioenergetic and singing to induce the activation of particular psychic energy levels using single notes. And I enriched my training learning a complex body-work method, Delia Cazeaux’s Somato-Emotional Integration. This is based on the study of the physical strategies, on their specific psychodynamic derivations and pathologies (not only mental) and on the postural neurologic deconditioning. This training also included the techniques of Postural Integration, Gestalt techniques for dramatization and interpretation of the dreams, the therapeutic use of the secondary process (a method from Junghian Arnol Mindell) and the activation of the archetypes. Another important work was the encounter with the feeling of the death and a specific work to help the people who are dying.

I use the different techniques I learnt: playing and drawing with children; with adults, using body-work and dream interpretations too. Tales and miths are a valid, wide and creative path to come near the present reality of people. Non-violent body-work is often necessary to reach a “real” – and not fantasticated – contact with a person, her/his troubles, her/his emotions.
With another therapist, Maurizio Romanò, I train a dream work-group: to explore dreams, amplifying their parts and use them as creative source; they are similar to tales and miths and the messages that they vehicle are useful. We call this “dreamplay”.

I often use homeophatic medicine with my patients, because this holistic way to cure diseases makes faster the recovery courses. I have beeen working with a collegue – an unicistic homeophatist – since 1995; we faced very complex situations together, expecially with children.

I am a psychopathology teacher in a School for Councelors.

As a journalist at “The Walt Disney Company Italy” (1990-1994), I attended to an expansive work as a member of the editorial staff, writing about the activities of the Line for Children. I also wrote some scenarios for stories for children 18 months to 3 years. I corresponded with about 4000 children and interpreted approximately 3000 of their drawings. I had an intense contact with the fantastic world and the real one of children without a psychiatric pathology.

In 1996 I proposed a group work to Amnesty International, for a little group which was working about Education for Human Rights in the schools. In four days of an interactive work, we closely experimented the possibility to have conscience of one’s own human rights as a necessary personal knowlwdge to transmit to young people an educative concept on the matter.

A few years ago, I began a research in the field of Aetruscan symbolic achaeology, in aim to re-unveil the original Italic mithology, connect them to uncounscious operations and open their cultural spreading.
My interest in Close Encounters of the IV Kind began in 1997, and I use the analytic method – and all the methods I learnt, even the homeopathic medicine - to approach the subjects. The training with body-work, and homeopathy and the clinical experiences with abuse and death, have revealed as the most important tools to treat these subjects and to front their panic attacks.
I represent a professional group which has formulate an international protocol for this particular research of the psichyc field.
We are trying to deepen the problem and its meaning using the techniques of esploration of unconscious. It is necessary to extend the research in Physic, Philosophy, Religion, Consciousness and Neurophysiologic Sciences.

In aim to allow an approach to this phenomenon which makes credible the results obtained working with these subjects, I’m proposing a work for groups about an activation of the archetypes of End and Beginning, whose partial results have been presented in an international Congess in 1999.
In October, 2000 – in collaboration with dr. M.V. Cigada, MD - a scientific work was presented in Monaco (Germany) at the World Congress of the International Society of Hypnosis, entitled: “Some Recommendations about the Use of Hypnosis with Subjects referring Experiences like Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind”. It was the first work about the Close Encounters that was presented in an official professional milieu.
I am a member of Derrel Sims’ “Saber Enterprises” scientific organization, which gathers researchers in aim to unify the theories about the alien presence.

With other three researchers I have begun to leed a group to study crop circles, used as symbols. The present aim of the work is to observe the effect of each symbol on people’s dreams and events. The last aim will be to create a symbolic system to use in reaching the deepest significances of people’s lives. The results have been significant since the first group working. It needs to be continued.