Do CE4s have a typical pattern?

When we examine close encounters we can find a prevalent pattern, but the ways they present out are not fixed. In the last years I listened to very different versions of these patterns. The only ones that seems having a stricter execution are those with Greys as protagonists. So studing interactions between their order and our species is the simplest way to review this.
When people experience those contacts, which happen all over the world, they can be alone or with a brother, a friend, a son, and generally the episode happens when dark is falling and while the subjects are busy in the most different things. Charles and Calvin, for example, were fishing and it was 7 p.m. Sandra, Jackie and Larry were on a highway and it was 4 in the morning. In another case Gusztavne was sleeping in his bedroom. The whole memory can come in mind after some years, and there are two main reasons: an Ufo sighting or the necessity to have specialistic medical caring due to sleep disorders. In these cases it is not rare that, besides the memories about a close encounter that is in some way conscious, memories about many other encounters can come up. Different protagonists of the events, asked separately, often tell about particulars that are exactly the same, or the sequence is the same. The episodes have gathered from ’50 and over.
There are stories from three, eight, ten years old children near to teenagers’, young people’s and adults’ memories. Sometimes a visual contact comes after a sort of telepathic contact, that can persuade the subject to come back home or even to leave home and go to a location where the abduction/encounter may occur. Sometimes the sighting is limited to lightening white globes, which perform manoeuvres with extraordinary skill and noticeable speed and which can make the window glasses shaking. Generally it is a flying object, which can be coloured or brighting or transparent, which lands on the water, spreading a red light, or which hovers over the trees or which gives off a beam. Other times, they can appear as a ten of flying saucers formation that makes evolutions. In other cases they directly appear like no-human people, as an eight years old child told (in 1955 there were no those kind of cartoons that could have influenced him), or beings that float in the air or that suddenly appear in the bedroom, causing the subject’s to awake. People often experiment a paralyzing effect connected to the vision of the creatures that are showing. Commonly the subjects notice that they can’t hear any noises around, whether they are outside in the nature or they are surrounded by other people.
The creatures can be one meter-one meter and forty centimetres high (3 ft and 3 in – 4 ft and 7 in), or they can be very very high – up to almost 3 meters. They can have small or very big heads, a transparent helmet; very big eyes, yellow or sometimes completely black, out of proportion. They can have three or four fingered hands. They can have a thin body, or a strong one or glittering or metal-white, with a wrinkled or a reddish skin; or they can be green or pearl-grey. They can be hairless or have long silver hair. They can wear a red spacesuit or a silver one, a belt with silver rays or a shining badge on their breast, or they can give the impression to appear as they are, without any artificial dress. Some of thiese entities can leave the memory to be horrible, only vaguely humanoid, but they can appear as perfectly humans beings too, blonde and high; or thay can have spirals instead of the elements on their faces. Sometimes they give the impression to walk on the ground, other times they seem slipping or slidding.
The creatures can be totally silent and don’t make a noise, or they can communicate in a thelepatic way, adding to their thoughts – suited to calm the subjects – some information about their place of origin, that sems to be always astronomicaly identifiable. In a Hungarian case they communicated to come from a planet 15 millions light years far, using a “dimensional change”. Sometimes they can even frighten the subjects severely.
The transfer to the aircraft can happen suddenly, as if they use a teletransportation, after having lightened the subject with a beam; on another side, the passages can be graduated and, so, recognizeable: people can literally be seized and lifted to be catch. The inside of the craft is usually described like a quite empty big room, circular shaped, with a lot of quadrants and buttons, seats, with a control console, with some windows.
The alien creatures very often submit the subjects to medical exams that can be complex. People feel to be lying on a small bed and they refer some visits and clinical exams performed with strange devices: squared, fluorescent, or flying balls. They can remember blood transfusions on the arms or takings from the cheeks or from the chin; or terrible experiments – for example, Sandra referred the sensation they had removed her brain – after which people is made sleeping. Other times the procedures are not referred as traumatic.
They implanted a strange device in Helen’s nose (she was 9). Harry, 8 years old, was implanted with a probe in his genitalia and he had the order by them never remove it. This was one of the first alleged alien implants that were recovered and analyzed.
Rarely the abductees can react, like Travis Walton did – he is one of the most famous abductees in the last 25 years: he made the little beings run away by wielding an object: in this case he acted in self defense.
Sometimes the aliens can show different films: imagery of flying Ufo formations, planet Earth landscapes or more complex stories, as John Mack reported in a full way. (link a Mack inattivo fino a traduzione)
Other times the episode is completely erased, and then we have the famous missing times: people are sure having begun the interaction with the flying saucer or with the aliens at a precise hour, and when they regain their full conscience a lot of minutes had gone, till the whole week during which Travis Walton completely disappeared from the world.
After the episodes, the subjects are taken by a very deep sleeep, whether they had an encounter with light balls or with beings shaped like humans. They often present persistent problems, like a strong irritation in their eyes with lacrimation, haemorrhages, feeling to be burst on the face, on arms, on shoulders; pychological disorders; bumps, little cuts, holes, scars on the body – some of them are characteristic, triangle shaped or placed in typical points. In some cases, the close encouter makes possible a pregnancy, except that the foetus disappears after some weeks. Other times, instead, like in the event for a man from El Salvador, people noticed having been healed from diseases, for example a chronic inflammation of the cervical backbone.
Strange phenomena can persist in the house, like the stopping of electric devices, light balls appearing or beings that materialize.
At other times, instead, people disappear and that’s that. This happened to the pilot Frederick Valentich, who was flying between Tazmania and Australia in 1978, after having reported to the control tower to be strictly marked by an oblong object, that was radiating a green light which was stalling his engine. They couldn’t find anything, neither him nor his aeroplane.

(thanks to Alfredo Lissoni, who catalogued and publicized a great amount of cases)


How is the pattern of a CE4 for the experiencers who meet the Greys entities?

When people begin to remember the encounters with this kind of aliens, they recover images from their infancy almost every time. Their first clear memories go back to the age between nine and twelve years (generally earlier in the female), and they come to mind together with very brief fragments belonging with the adult age.
The reported images, that refer to the age of passage (that is before adolescence), are well integrated with the subject’s own environment: places and objects appears very concrete, and in the same way do the nature and the atmosphere people were plunged in at the crucial moment of their experiences.
The encounters, in this age, have the likeness of a simple contact or of a contact resumption. Frequently the emotional witness they refer is pleasant and familiar.
Sometimes, instead, aliens perform invasive manoeuvres on the subjects; the most frequent is the apparent installation of very small objects inside their skull; they use the right nostril as a passage to insert these embedded objects.
For the children, the nocturnal encounter emotional experience is clearly divided into two times. The sudden awakening during the night is connected with the vision of a small being, who bright of his own light at the bottom of the bed or at one side. This awakening happens with fear, each time as if it is the first time, so we can understand that in the age of passage the mechanisms, that tend to erase the experience every time, are already working.
At once, a familiar feeling takes the place of the fear, and the subject believes it is normal to get up and follow the alien and to travel to the aircraft. The travel can be quite strange, because the subject doesn’t walk: his feet, his legs, often his hands, appear to become invisible after a vibrational sensation. This is one of the points that cause shock too.
The impression that the people have is to be “carried” inside a beam, while their body is moving in a way that allow them through cross walls or windows, and to hover towards a destination that they can’t often remember; but other times the abductees have experienced more and more times the environment that reveals.
In the adult age, the moment of the contact and the transport one are completely repressed in most of cases, and the return from the experience is too. We could state that there are no such kinds of close encounters without a missing time in the experiencer’s memory in many cases. The encounters can last fifteen minutes or many hours, but the time calculation can be very complex. The subject’s perception of the time can significantly be different from the time that results having gone on the clock; this fact opens sceneries of interpretation about our perception of time and space.
(the present report is NOT a resume of the specific literature; here are the conclusions that were drawn after a first hand clinical work with CE4 subjects)